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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Anna's 12th Birthday Part 3

Ok, here we are at the finish Almost...... we are having cheese cake tonight. :)

Found it!

So what is it!

Overall, a way cool morning, relaxing and enjoying the game.

It is amazing how just a simple fun clue hunt can make a birthday last for hours! :)


Hevel said...

The suspense was killing me! You should be a mystery writer! (and a devotiona writer and motivational speaker).

So cool that they still like dolls! :D

Mike and Christie said...

Hevel, you are so funny. :) We had fun.
I love it that she asked for a doll.
This doll is SO COOL!
I want one!

I found it at Walmart a couple of months ago and the price was RIGHT!
This doll did so many fun things, and was less than 1/2 the price of some of the ones I looked at that were not nearly as fun.

I am actually going to see if they have any more. I know another little girl who now likes the idea of a baby. And we may have somebody for Christmas who may need a dolly too. :)

:)De said...

First, Happy 12th Birthday, Anna! What a wonderful series of post. Would you mind sharing the name of that doll. I have a girl that I think would enjoy it too.

Mike and Christie said...

De, the name of the doll is

"Little Dreams Cute Expressions Baby Doll".

Amazon has it for $$$$ Bucks!
but Walmart.com, you can get it for 15.00 and have it shipped FREE to the nearest walmart to you for pickup. :)

Chiara Elena said...

How nice a new doll, the last time I got a doll for my birthday I was 18! It's never too late, right now, after eading this post I'm in a "new dool mood" again!

Mike and Christie said...

Chiara, my last doll was when I was 17. :) When I left for college, my mother gave my entire doll collection to my cousin! It was rather traumatic parting with my childhood friends.

Mary Grace Biggs said...

Wait, wait, wait... ANNA ASKED FOR A DOLL!?!??!?! Wow!.... that's something I would never think of!... Anna having a doll... wow! What'd ya do with the real Anna Minich? ;)

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