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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Alli and the Deli

I took Miss Alli and Erika to the Russian Deli, located in Dallas.  They had so much fun!  Alli couldn't believe there was such a store with all her favorite foods, so close to home!
She picked out all this:
The sausage on the top left is from her particular region in Russia! You would not have believed her excitement when she pointed it out! I know that Sausage!!!!  She remembered the Pelmeni, and the cookies and soups and cavier and fish and candy....and..... the only thing we didn't get a picture of was the roll stuffed with cabbage. She and Erika downed those on the way home. :)
Here is a picture of her eating the stuffed roll from my cell phone. :  I remember having this when we were in Ukraine. I believe they are called Perogis.We stopped at a roadside bakery and picked some up. Oh they were delicious! I would have had one, had it not been for the gluten.  :/

I have never seen a child so excited about food. LOL  On the way home she called Daddy and told him all about it, and then she said, "Mommy, I never dreamed a mama would do something so nice for me. "
Made me want to cry.
I am THRILLED she had such a great time and that it was such a positive surprise for her.
The man at the Deli spoke to her in Russian, but she couldn't remember any. :(  We are working on it with Rosetta Stone. However, Erika surprised me and actually answered something back in Russian .... the man said, "Very good!" :)  Yea for Rosetta Stone. :)

On Monday, Erika, Sarah and I plan to go to Out on a Limb Camp.  Anna, Alli and Daddy will be on their own for the week. :)  Daddy has already arranged for our friends from Russia to come over and cook a Russian meal.  Smart daddy! LOL


cate said...

That food looks really familiar :)
I wish we had a store that is close to us.

Mike and Christie said...

Cate, how close are you to this place?

Mike and Christie said...

This should be interesting. The soup directions are all in Russian. LOL

Hevel said...

Oh, I can understand their excitement over food from a previous home! It's something that can really get exciting!

Also, I have a Russian speaker here, so if you need help with the soup, just send a photo with the instructions!

Anonymous said...

It's wonderful to have your 'home food' once and a while.

Anonymous said...

I remember in Austin we used to go to a Chines shop and I would always get 'White Rabbit' a Chines white candy that was wrapped in rice paper.

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